Our Services

Order Packing:

Our team follows the best practices to be efficient in picking and packing your products fast. We store packaging materials in bulk to assure the best services and to ensure your goods are delivered in the best condition.

Warehousing and Storage:

You can make a stock of your products at our safe and secure warehouse facility based in Islamabad, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, and soon it will be available in other cities of Pakistan as well. We offer you warehouse and fulfillment services to meet the quality that you need.

With the most modern and efficient tools in warehouse management and out-of-the-box distribution models. Warehousing includes Transportation and Distribution with Value addition and Stock repacking. After picking the order Bar code labeling is done on that.

Reverse Logistics:

In the case of Reverse logistics, If the customer returns the Parcel, it will be delivered back to the vendor within 72 hours. AHL is trying to provide as much ease as they can give because we like to see you moving forward.

Tracking Tools:

Still, having trouble finding your parcel and do not know where to track it? AHL has got you covered because now you cannot only find your order but also keep a track of it which is Live. The specifically generated ID will be sent to you so that you can trace it and fetch the details accordingly. Customers can monitor all shipments in transit and advise on particular shipments. In fact, via API Integration, customers can share tracks with their consignees to keep them in the loop over their orders.

Domestic Delivery:

AHL has a strong fleet of hundreds of tracked vehicles that provides efficient domestic delivery. This delivery offers cost-effectiveness. With the largest retail network in the country and a strong fleet of 600+ satellite tracked vehicles; Domestic Express offers its customers a range of cost-effective shipping solutions within Pakistan.